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A Team Of Attorneys You Can Trust

At Smith Family Law, APC, our San Diego family law professionals are dedicated to providing you with empathetic, experienced counsel. Our lawyers understand the value of having a shoulder you can lean on and a voice you can trust to advocate for you in court.

With our representation comes a team full of experienced family law attorneys who have tackled many different cases. Over the years, we’ve become very experienced with the court system of San Diego, California. You can trust in our experience to guide you through what is likely a time of significant change in your life.

Empathetic And Understanding Of Your Divorce

No marriage begins with the intention of having it end in a divorce, but life changes and people change. We represent clients through every step of the divorce process and assist them with steps afterward, such as support payments and custody arrangements.

While some cases can be resolved before they reach the courtroom, we’re fully prepared to represent you through litigation if necessary. That said, whether it’s in court or out of court, we will be there for you.

Some of the family law issues we help resolve include:

  • Child and spousal support
  • Custody
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Uncontested divorce

If we’re able to reach a solution without litigation then we can always pursue that option, but we will always look to serve our clients’ desires first and foremost.

Turn To Us For Your Family Law Case

Clients turn to us because we understand what they’re going through. We have attorneys who have gone through a divorce themselves and know the feelings and emotions that come with it. We’re going to work with you throughout the process and show you empathy throughout.

If you’re in need of a divorce or help with other family law problems, then call us now at Smith Family Law, APC, or use our online appointment reservation form. We are here to help.