Domestic Violence

The lasting impact of domestic violence on everyone involved is exactly why, whether you have suffered or been accused of abuse, you need to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney immediately.

We understand that abuse is much more complicated than it seems. Located in San Diego, we are here to help bring resolution to this highly personal situation. The first step is the hardest: contacting someone and asking for help. If you can contact us, we can help you with the rest.

Since one of the factors in situations of abuse is the statute of limitations involved in reporting and/or prosecuting domestic violence cases, you should contact us as soon as possible to make sure you are well informed of the various possible outcomes of your situation so that you know exactly where your focus and your energies are best spent. We can explain to you the difference between misdemeanor and felony assaults, how exactly this will effect custody of any minor children living in the home, the finer points of restraining orders, and the many other questions you have.

We know that this is an extremely personal, and also private, situation that you might not have talked about to anyone else. We will handle this with the care and understanding that such sensitive matters deserve because we know how difficult it was for you to call us in the first place. Your safety and health, along with your privacy, will be our first, middle, and final concerns as we take care of the complicated litigation involved in such cases so that we can be your best advocate. We are here to get you to a place where you can start to heal and go on with your life.


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