Affordable Uncontested Divorces

Uncontested divorces are typically the most affordable form of divorce and we will work with you to make that possible if we can. 

At the same time, uncontested divorces, which are the most amicable of divorces are still major life events and can still be overwhelming. During this extremely stressful time, we will be by your side to remove some of the stress and ensure that you are protected.

We are here to help you find answers to all of your questions including:

  • How do you file an uncontested divorce?
  • What are the costs and how expensive is an uncontested divorce?
  • How long does an uncontested divorce take?
  • How exactly can you protect or divide your finances and assets?

You may have received advice from your divorced friends about what should, or should not, be happening with your divorce. Since every divorce is different, their well-intentioned advice is often misleading or wrong. We will become completely familiar with the specifics of your case so that we are able to be your best possible advocate.

Uncontested divorces are usually a mutual decision, but we know that the process is still emotional. We aren’t here to criticize your life or your choices; we are here to provide you with some certainty during these uncertain times. No one should have to make these decisions alone.

The good news is you don’t have to. The attorneys at Smith Family Law, grateful to serve the Sand Diego community, are here to help make uncontested divorces as simple and affordable as possible. We will be with you from the beginning to the end of the entire process to make sure that both parties the assets are protected.

In the state of California, a standard divorce can cost anywhere from several thousands of dollars to much more depending on the assets and the circumstances.

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