Child & Spousal Support

It is a common misconception that alimony is an automatic part of any divorce. Only a small percentage of all divorces or separations have spousal support as part of the final divorce judgement or decree. Yet, this can still easily be the most expensive aspect of your divorce, because the divorces and separations that do involve spousal support are typically litigated.

The most important thing is to be proactive about this part of the process; whether you are the spouse offering financial support or receiving it. Even a small change in monthly support payments can have big financial repercussions when multiplied over years.

There is another common misconception that, in the state of California, there is a formula in place that all courts use when calculating alimony payments. This may be true for the temporary alimony payments which may occur before divorce proceedings begin, but the courts are not allowed to use such formulas when determining permanent support. There are a lot of factors that the court uses to determine spousal & child support. Also, changes in how spousal support payments are reported on income taxes in 2017 have financial repercussions to be considered. Located in San Diego, we can help you navigate all of that so that you don’t have to do it on your own. We are happy to offer our experience and expertise as you try to find important answers to important questions: How is spousal/child support determined? Is it fixed, or does it change as the incomes of the former spouses change? If there was infidelity in the marriage, does that effect spousal support? If so, how much? These are all questions which we are here to help you answer. Since being proactive is very important for this part of the process, contact us today so that we can get you important information sooner rather than later.


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